Shaily grew up in India surrounded by very defined beauty norms. Where only fair people were considered beautiful while people with dark or dusky skin were looked down upon, treated as ugly and associated with lower classes. Shaily belonged to the second category of people only in terms of skin color. Family, friends and strangers alike would freely suggest different fairness creams and bleaches for her to apply on her face. To make her "beautiful". But Shaily grew up to be a strong and confident woman who even married the man of her dreams. She empathized with the way millions of other girls in Asia felt and decided to use her design and strategic skills to help these women fight the challenges they face in everyday life.

100%You is a movement inspiring Asian girls to love their ethnic features and celebrate their unique selves.


The standard of beauty is changing the face of eastern Asia. Literally. The Western idea of what is beautiful has infiltrated Asian culture and influenced how Asian women view themselves, making them feel unworthy, unlovable, and ugly.


To challenge standardized beauty norms portrayed by the media by letting people experience the result of extreme cosmetic surgery and allowing them to appreciate the uniqueness in their natural features.


To get young Asian women to change their perception of beauty by disregarding the monotony of the societal standards of beauty dictated by the media and get them to appreciate their unique and natural selves.



You are strong, confident and filled with love. You are forever a work in progress but confident in your own skin.

You take a stand for loving yourself and loving others. You bring out the best in people and genuinely care.

You lift people up and inspire others to do the same. You celebrate the women in your life and appreciate their beauty.

You share your love and give back to the community. You're leaving this world better than you found it.

You're brave enough to be vulnerable. You speak honestly so you can be seen for who you truly are. You are unique. You are 100%YOU.